About Me


Welcome to my space! I’m Em – plant mom, tea-aholic, and book junkie. I launched The Geeky Jock shortly after my 30th birthday to document my reading over my next decade. This blog is primarily dedicated to book and bookshop reviews – though, don’t be surprised to find the odd personal vignette in the mix.

What do you do when you’re not reading?

I’m a full-time graduate student / postdoc / resident, which means that my time is divided between research, attending classes, teaching classes, supervising junior students, and seeing patients. With all this school nonsense, I don’t have a lot of free time … Though, if I did, I’d spend it going for hikes, rowing, gardening, and travelling.

Why “The Geeky Jock”?

I study physical activity.

For reals. My expertise is in the application of psychological strategies to promote physical activity for public health. (Or, more simply: How can we get people active?) It’s a super fun, super applied, and super important area of study – especially considering the vast majority of people (like, 85% of Canadians) are insufficiently active for health benefits. It also means I can wear yoga pants to work each day and not be under-dressed.